Points of Pride

Ash Street Center's Points of Pride for 2023-24 School Year

Ash Street Center prides itself on giving back to the community by hosting a Peach State event, hosting a toy and a sock drive, and providing food to those in need.

These initiatives help us stay connected to the community and show how much we care about our families.

Scholars have enjoyed a great year of therapy with bunnies, horses, and a dog!

Students love the values and comfort of caring for and loving the various therapeutic animals.

Ash Street Center prides itself on the great year of fun-filled PBIS events with increased use and excitement over LiveSchool and the new rolling store!

Games, events, and random fun drive excitement at Ash Street and motivate scholars to perform their best!

Ash Street Center prides itself on providing free books to students, staff, and the community!

No one around Ash Street Center can say they lack books to read! Let’s Read!

Ash Street Center prides itself in announcing 6 home school transitions and 5 graduates!

Students strive to be on the list of transitioning students and work towards that goal every day!